Turn your rising electric bill from an expense into an investment  with a $0 upfront solar system.
Go Green & Save Green!


Be the first on your block to Go Solar & get paid to refer your friends and neighbors.
Go Green & Save Green!


We have helped over 100,000 homeowners nationwide through the solar process- qualify today.

Go Green & Save Green!


Solar Energy 101

Reduce then Produce

We’re making waves in the Florida solar community by Reducing kWh with our customized Energy Efficiency Kit, and then Producing kWh with Solar Systems.

Solar Simplified

From your first consultation to monitoring your system our mission is simple: to make going solar easy.  We match you with the right $0 Upfront Solar Financing Solution, and the best local installer.

Save Watts of Money

In the next five years, Florida is expected to install 19x the amount of solar installed in the state during the past 5 years. A snapshot of Go Solar benefits- locked in energy costs, home appreciation, and earning referral bonuses.

What Our Clients Say

“The Go Solar team was very professional, answered all of my questions, and saved me money on day 1 with solar and their energy efficiency kit.  The install took 34 days from when I signed!”

M.V., Orlando, FL

“The Go Solar team did a great job with the installation and now just waiting for all my savings! I want to thank you for a great job in taking care of all my concerns. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you again.”

J.B., Beverly Hills, FL

“I love the FL Go Solar folks.  They are always available when I call and did everything that they said they would.  They were $8,000 less expensive than the other solar company I received a quote from.  Do not go solar without talking to FL Go Solar!”

F.G., Fort Myers, FL

“The Go Solar team is the best in Florida. This team gets it! We took their advice on everything.  The technicians are top and did it right the first time.  I got my system installed in August and haven’t paid for electricity since.  It’s now December and I have racked up over 850KwH in credit for producing more than I used.  The power company announced a rate increase next year and it doesn’t bother me.”

S.C., Pensacola, FL

“Go Solar is the best!  They weren’t trying to sell me solar but instead took a whole house consultative approach.  They provided LED’s, a smart thermostat, a VFD pool pump motor as well as the solar system.  I have already referred others to Go Solar!”

R.D., Ocala, FL

“The customer service and work ethic of Go Solar is the most honest and helpful of any company I have ever worked with.  He went out of his way to provide information, equipment and make himself available at any time.  I would gladly recommend Go Solar to anyone thinking of going solar.  They handle everything from finding financing, getting an installer and getting you energy saving equipment and advise.”

D.S., Ocala, FL

“The FL Go Solar team delivered on all that they promised.  They were well organized and constantly communicated throughout the solar process.  I am going to spread the FL Go Solar message to my community!”

J.Z., Port Saint Lucie, FL

“We selected FL Go Solar Program over other companies because of their comprehensive package and low interest rate. The best part is that my average monthly bill will be less than I’m currently paying. It costs nothing out-of-pocket and Go Solar took care of all of the permitting!”

J.B., Winter Garden, FL

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